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Positive Organization Development

Positive Organization Development
Certificate Program 2013

July to November 2013

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SAIDI – Graduate School of OD brings OD to a different level that the 21st century welcomes. Using Appreciative Inquiry as a platform, it calls for OD practitioners, and those dealing with human relations, to adopt a positive mindset as change leaders viewing current realities through a lens that focuses on what is right in the world.

OD experiences in the last decade have shown that many of the problem-based tools and interventions seemingly have become limited within the context of the new millennium. This century challenges mankind with the call for Responsible Stewardship of Technology and for deep Spirituality.

Deciding to be a part of the POD –Certificate Program means taking a purposeful leap of faith; tarting with the belief in positive possibilities and ending in surprisingly wonderful realities.

Who Are Our Participants?

Learners and Leaders from all sectors who are self-motivated and have the passion to positively effect changes in their work areas.


All POD participants earn 15-unit credits toward an MA or PhD in OD once they have submitted the required outputs for each module. This involves practical applications of the lessons from each POD module.


JULY 26-27, 2013

Appreciative Inquiry and Positivity: Origins, Principles and Practices

This module introduces the platform of Appreciative Inquiry (AI) vis-à-vis the concept of Positivity. The story of Appreciative Inquiry
from the works of Dr. David Cooperrider will be unfolded including honing one’s skills in differentiating AI from the concepts of
Positivity, Positive Thinking and Positive Psychology.

AUGUST 30-31, 2013

Appreciative Inquiry Principles as Vehicles for Positive Image-Positive Actions

This module enables the change leaders to embrace a more Positive OD Mindset through the practice of positive imagery and the practical applications of the principles of Appreciative Inquiry. Its process is one of experiential approach that enables the participants to integrate the theories and practices of the AI principles and Positive OD Mindset. A segment of Neuro-Linguistic Programming will show how AI is part of the NLP concept.

SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2013

The Creative Arts as Tools for Positive

The module views heavily the human side of change management and the role that creativity plays in bringing about Transformation. It aims to bring out the creative side of the change leaders through its sessions on dance, music, and visual arts and reconnecting them with their true essence.

OCTOBER 25-26, 2013

Research and Prospects for AI Applications

Introduces the AI research framework and how it can guide simple investigations at the personal and organizational levels. It exposes the change leaders to different researches and projects applying AI. The module also involves the introduction of certain skills to the participants for them to better study the possibilities of interest for AI research and in trying their hands on conducting their own AI-based project or research.

NOVEMBER 29-30, 2013

Positivity as a Mindset in Leadership

Appreciative Leadership encourages the leaders of change to bring into reality a new way of seeing the world, people, and situations that is biased for the positive and life affirming by choice. It encourages participants to see the implications of growing one’s greatness from within and to experience this through the flow and excitement of strength-based leadership.



Seventy Thousand Pesos only (Php 70,000.00)
Includes Program Fee, Materials, and Meals and Accommodations (For 2 days/ one night per month for 5 months)


The fees maybe settled

  1. in full
  2. by making a 50% down payment, the remaining 50% balance to be paid in 2 months.
  3. by making a Php 14,000 down payment, the remaining balance to be paid in 3 months.

An Add-on Advantage

Any participant who successfully completes this certificate program and its requirements can receive an equivalent of 15 –unit credits towards an MA or PhD (as the case maybe) in OD specializing in P-OD.
Tuition charges for these 15 units will be at 30% discounted rate.

For reservation and assistance , please contact any of the following:

Ms. Ckiz Villanueva
POD Coordinator
(+63) 906-2347666
Ms. Cynthia E. Cruz
Telefax (02) - 658 9302

Expat Insights: Appreciative Inquiry (Nov 06 2010)

Appreciative Inquiry through the words of Dean Rose Fuentes of the Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Institute. She tells host, Raju Mandhyan, about how Appreciative Inquiry can be employed for Organisational Development in businesses. . In the end there is an invitation for everyone to participate in the 1st Asian Appreciative Inquiry Summit to be held on November 29-30 at the Shangrila, Edsa with the presence of Dr. David Cooperrider.

Appreciative Inquiry :ExIn110610 Appreciative Inquiry Part 1

Appreciative Inquiry :ExIn110610 Appreciative Inquiry Part 2


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